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Buy your house with 1 Euro !!

Sardinia, Italy, Nulvi

It’s viral! Everyone is talking about buying a house in Italy with just 1 Euro and live “la dolce vita”.Many think it’s a scam or there is a trick, well no, it’s all real!

Project Sardinia spoke directly with the man behind the scene of the small town of Nulvi, north area of the beautiful Sardinia, city Mayor Antonello Cubaiu, who explained the insights of this incredible opportunity that unleashed a tsunami of contacts and requests.

As first, anyone, Italians, EU citizens, foreigners from any nationalities can buy a house with just ONE euro, but let’s see why, where and how,

So, what’s the idea behind it, why would someone sell his solid stone-made house for half the price of a coffee?

The towns where the municipality decided to sell houses at 1 euro have been subject in the past decades to a strong phenomenon of depopulation caused by the shifting of workforce from the agricultural and pastoral economy to tertiary, hence young families moved to the major cities where this sector is thriving. This left most of the houses, that varies from 60 Sqm to 200 Sqm and more, unused or abandoned for minimum a decade, letting the local economy to fall.

Many of these houses are in a sorry state and the owners either don’t have the will or founds to proceed with the refurbishment, hence the aim of selling these houses for 1 euro is to refurbish them, repopulate the place bringing new families with their capitals and encourage others to invest to provide new services and restart the economy chain.

In Sardinia you can buy a house with 1 euro in two towns, Nulvi, north of the island, 15 minutes from Sassari and the beautiful sea, and Ollolai, centre of the island, near Nuoro, in the pristine mountain area.

The process to get your house for half the price of a coffee is quite straight forward, it passes through an application form that will be evaluated from the Municipality, with consequent approval or denial.

Successful candidates will have to close the deal within 2 months from the notice, present the refurbishment project within 3 months, start the works within 2 months from the approval and conclude them within 3 years. THAT’S IT!

Project Sardinia proposes a convenient Turn-Key Solution to help International buyers to choose the right house, propose renewal solutions to bring it to international standards and lead all phases of the refurbishment acting as Client Representative throughout the entire process.

All steps will be accompanied by progress reports including Acquisition, Design, Procurement and Construction chapters in English so Clients will have a peace of mind and find their house ready to be occupied.

All this without the need of expensive travels with interruptions of their current business.

An opportunity not to be missed, if you like Italian food, dream about Italian wines and want to live in Italy… get in touch for more information.

To know more about building, buying and refurbishment costs in Sardinia follow our next posts.

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