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With a bit of curiosity, a pinch of dreaming and a good dose of imagination, most of us at some point started looking for a holiday house in some part of the world. We search the web in sight of the perfect place, look at many websites and see that there are many options on the market.

The obvious locations we start with are the so-called dream places such remote Countries with spectacular beaches, exotic foods and diverse nature, however, at a second glance we discover that despite the attractive pictures and inviting travel blogs, there are more important things to take in consideration before investing our hard earned money, such resale value, possibility of exporting capital, security, healthcare situation, political stability, language, cost of travels, maintenance and much, much more.

After these considerations most savers will give up and keep dreaming about an idyllic place to spend beautiful, unrealistic holidays in.

Others instead will choose to redirect their search to closer and safer places, pointing at the Mediterranean Countries.

One of the fastest growing holiday places in the Mediterranean Sea is the beautiful Sardinia, a stunning and uncontaminated Italian island in a key location between north Africa, Spain, France and Italy, making it a perfect holiday base for who doesn’t want to spend a fortune to reach his holiday home.

A stunning and uncontaminated Italian island in a key location between north Africa, Spain, France and Italy, making it a perfect holiday base for who doesn’t want to spend a fortune to reach his holiday home.

The short distance from the European Countries, for instance 45minutes flight from Rome, 1h30min from Paris and Madrid and 2h30min from London and Berlin, along with his 3 international airports covering the key locations of the island and several ports with ferry docks, makes it a mouth-watering place to think about.

With all the advantages of being part of Italy, eight World’s most powerful economy and member of the G7, along with mild weather, absence of earthquakes, tsunami or natural dangers, Sardinia is for sure one of the pearls of the Mediterranean, with human presence from the Paleolithic age, 20.000 years ago, and the development of his first advanced civilization, about 5.000 years ago, for sure doesn’t lack of history and charm.

We leave to you the hard task of going through the hundreds of stunning pictures, history pages and fun things to do in Sardinia (Sardegna in Italian) and will tell you what Project Sardinia can do for you to get your house in this real corner of Paradise.

As first, anyone, of any nationality can buy, live in and resale a house in Sardinia, without any limits of investment or need for a local partnership. Considering the steady growth of real estate value in the years and the ease of international connections, many of the parameters a good investment should meet are already under control and the only question should be: How can I get it if I’m working and my schedule is busy?

We, at Project Sardinia offer the solution to this problem, selecting the right property for the investor’s needs using our developed network of trusted real estate professionals to source the best property for your needs throughout the island.

Our services include the presentation of a report, usually in English, identifying the best solutions along with concept drawings and 3D views prepared by professional Architects to help you visualize how the proposed solution will suit your needs and increase hit’s value in the years to come.

With our wide range of services we’ll cover all phases of the selection, design and construction of your new dream house, taking care of the post construction phases as well, such property management and Tenants management for you!

All this without leaving the comfort of your home or subtracting precious time to your business.

Don’t miss our blog on how to get a house for the symbolic amount of 1 Euro in Sardinia!

Get in touch with us to know how we can help you investing in this spectacular corner of Paradise.

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