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Are you a KILLER PM?

Stay with me for the next minute:

Figure yourself in a nice, very expensive restaurant. Menu of the day:  Lentil soup, Spaghetti alla Bolognese, Rib eye steak, ice cream, coffee.

Instead of cutlery properly set on your table and a clean folded towel, you’ll have a nice, very fashionable and last model flat head screwdriver, wrapped in his plastic custody.

Despite your several attempts to make it work while staying elegant and clean, you’ll probably only be able to mix the sugar in your coffee and stab your stake to eat it like a savage.

This is what happens everyday in every single construction site

Professionals are in front of a well presented, very expensive lunch, in company of some really important client and consultant.

The menu includes important deliverables to discuss and remember, site inspections, Non-Compliance Reports, notes to be taken, concepts to be explained with sketches, and all they have as a tool is an AGENDA!

Confess, do you recognize yourself in it? Are you still using the agenda your consultant or contractor gave you for Christmas last year??!!

Clearly not meant to for site activities, these standard agendas ultimately lead to confusion, disorder and loss of data.

Following our established KILLER method, with the aim of helping colleagues to get things done in a professional way, we put together the Project Manager KILLER book. A simple yet efficient tool for Project Managers and Engineers who like to have all they need in their hands even when the cellphone is at 2%.

So what’s inside it?     (watch the video)

Knowing that a project often across the calendar year, we included a two years calendar to help tracking activities and deliverables.

Four pages of classic agenda will help retrieving the contacts lost along with your phone, fallen into the last concrete pour.

Several pages of To Do list to plan your days and Site Inspection templates will help keeping this activity simple and clear.

International NCR forms, along with standardized NCR LOG will make sure you capture and LOG everything going wrong during your daily walks and track them throughout the project.

We also included some practical checkered sheets (5mm x 5mm) to help you doing your sketches on a proper page, scaled and presentable.

Can we live without our classic “Note page”? Of course not! And there they are, your beloved pages dedicated to simple notes to keep track of whatever doesn’t require a specific template.

It doesn’t seem much, but after testing this little A5 paperback notebook we saw the difference.

It’s like the most obvious tool for construction wasn’t invented yet!

Why have we done this?

This is our daily tool and strongly believing that progress happens only when everyone grows together, we made it available for everyone, hoping to help our colleagues to improve their overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Now we all have it, it works fine, is way better than your sponsored agenda and, most important, has a KILLER look!

Available in 3 versions following these links: Standard with blue text and templates, Basic with Black and White internal pages and Black Edition featuring a cool black cover with blue text templates.

Don’t miss our Minutes of Meeting KILLER book, a practical journal to take clear and clean Minutes of Meeting in hard copy.

Project Sardinia, known for developing systems and procedures to constantly progress in the field at 360 degrees, follows the KILLER method proposed by the MD Karl Reinhardt for constant personal improvement, where KILLER stands for:

Keep track

Identify issues

Learn everyday

Lead the process

Establish higher standards

Review your records

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