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What’s the refurbishment cost in Sardinia?

What’s the refurbishment cost in Sardinia?

This is the most asked question from our Clients and we’ll explain more about it in here.

The question is correct but you’ll understand it’s a bit like asking: ”How much is for a red car?”

Does the Client mean a Rolls Royce, a Tata, a BMW? So as for cars there are many factors that determine the cost, for a house there are infinite factors to play with.

Alghero, Sardinia Italy

The Client doesn’t have to be aware of every price or variable and, in fact, doesn’t need it at all !

When in good hands, the professionals taking care of him will explain the variables on his specific case, making his life simple and letting him take informed decisions at every step, knowing that his budget will always be utilized at his best potential.

Having said that, and adding to the equation that a house could need new windows, roof, paint, doors, flooring and other big jobs, we can assume that a basic refurbishment cost could start from 400Euro per square meter and rise as much as 4,000 Euro per square meter and more, in case of luxury finishes and total rebuilt.

Alghero Sardinia Italy

Now, will this price range answer your question? Certainly not, because it says that “a red car can cost you from very little to very much”, so what we always ask back is:

“Are you sure this is the right question you wanted to ask?”

We know our Clients meant asking if their money will always be utilized at its best giving them tailored solutions for their needs without breaking the bank.

In fact this is our approach, at Project Sardinia we know that even defining the budget can be really difficult without any parameter in hands, so our aim is to let the Client understand first his priorities and needs, then providing them a rough estimate of the costs, continuing fine tuning and value-engineer the project at every step to make sure our Client’s hard earned money will always give them the best possible solution.

Knowing the hundreds of parameters that will enter the equation of a refurbishment cost, and taking in consideration purchase cost, delivery, installation, impact on program of works, maintenance and lifespan, Project Sardinia can help the Clients achieving incredible results in terms of quality, delivery time and overall value.

Our Integrated solution for Design, Procurement and Project Management is tailored for your needs, have a look at our website to know more.

A house is probably the biggest investment of your life, are you ready to let it be handled by amateurs or you prefer to let Project Sardinia take care of it?

Get in touch, we have the right “red car” for your pockets!

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