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people around a project table in meeting using the minutes of meeting killer book by project sardinia

  • How many times we thought: “I really hate taking minutes of meeting” ?

I believe nobody really likes doing it for many reasons, from being simply boring to the time involved in writing, copying, formatting and sharing…such a waste of time, isn’t it?

Not really

Minutes of Meeting are a serious tool to record important discussions, establish deadlines, assign tasks and follow up on the progress made.

A recorded discussion that anybody can retrieve anytime is a powerful resource to support or debate claims, extension of time, simple progress, history and obviously to make public a discussion that happened somewhere, sometime ago.

At Project Sardinia we constantly take MoM and keep good records using laptops and typing directly in our template, so that at the end of the meeting the minutes can be shared in a click. However, for many reasons, not everyone has always a laptop available at the meeting and it ends up into taking minutes on the first available piece of paper.

What happens after is a well-known process: go back to your office, pass the minutes to your assistant for typing, several ping-pong sets to understand the “ hieroglyphic “ we wrote them in ( Don’t tell me your handwriting is good because during meetings we tend to write like “the doctor in a prescription” or a “drunk monkey on a tree” as my funny assistant once defined my notes ) and then share with a random list of people, not necessary the correct ones in the distribution list, followed by a “Recall email”.

This funny, but not funny at all process is so common that became factual in every project.

Sometimes, knowing what decoding, typing and sharing minutes involves, leads to postpone, procrastinate and finally share them just before the next meeting as agenda for the next one.

This is a serious vicious circle that affects all Stakeholders involved, so we decided to help solving it in a simple way, with a KILLER method.

Project Sardinia, known for developing systems and procedures to constantly progress in the field at 360 degrees, follows the KILLER method proposed by the MD Karl Reinhardt for constant personal improvement, where KILLER stands for:

Keep track

Identify issues

Learn everyday

Lead the process

Establish higher standards

Review your records

So what’s all this about? Well, we put together the Minutes of Meeting KILLER book, a simple yet very effective paperback notebook in A4 format containing a two years calendar, Address book and a well-studied template for taking hard Minutes of Meeting whenever your laptop isn’t available.

Minutes of meeting template, main page and minute page

All you have to do is to insert the basic information, take a snap and share with your assistant to prepare in real time the MoM. DONE!

We strongly believe that sharing is caring, that’s why we put together this simple tool to help our colleagues taking effective minutes and cut time, improving their overall efficiency and effectiveness.

NOW AVAILABLE FOR EVERYONE (at printing cost) as paperback on FOLLOWING THIS LINK

Don’t miss out the “Project Manager KILLER book“, a cool yet functional notebook in A5 format developed specifically for Project Managers and Engineers to help delivering their projects in a KILLER way! Available in 3 versions: Standard, Black&White and Black Edition

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