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Why would I need a Project Manager to invest in Sardinia?


The question is legitimate and probably needs a good answer.

When it comes to your house, shop, office or large investment, all you wish for is a smooth and painless process that allows you to move in and operate as soon as possible, staying within your budget, respecting your timeframes and giving you that quality you deserve for your hard-earned money.

It seems simple at first sight, but the real estate game hides many traps and blind corners that can put any investment on hold, or worse, bring it to a complete stop due to unforeseen problems.

A good Project Manager can help you identifying potential issues from the distance, prepare solutions in advance and act on time to solve or minimize them before they occur. He’ll speak the local language, represent you with authorities, architects, engineers and contractors optimizing your capital and effort to deliver your vision.

All this translates into a better, cheaper and faster construction process that will attend the needs of his occupants, will last longer and cost less to be maintained in the years.

At Project Sardinia we offer project management services to Clients searching for professional solutions for their investments, bringing the best international practice for the first time to Sardinia.

All our Clients will have to do is read our project status reports, take informed decisions and enjoy the journey.

We’ll take care of the rest.

Coordination with the Design team, Authorities, approvals, procurement and construction will be made simple and accessible for our Clients.

How much would it cost?

Counting the several travels to site our Clients will avoid making, hundreds of phone calls and email exchange to clarify goals, deliverables, status, payments etc, the days taken from their jobs and families and the stress the whole process will cause, going for a Project Management Company will be cheaper than not going for it!

Ultimately our fees will be amply compensated by speed of process, peace of mind, certainty of expenses, quality of built.

Get in touch with us today to describe your project, your dream or your situation, we certainly will find a good solution for your needs!

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