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A glass of wine?

A glass of wine?

Wine has been produced in Sardinia from the past 3000 years and is surely an important part of the local culture, tradition and local economy.

In the millennia, due to his position in the Mediterranean Sea, the Island has been visited, conquered and colonized by several ancient cultures who brought their expertise and tradition in the wine making process, contributing to the formation of hit’s very diversified culture of wine.


Thousands of different wines are produced in this splendid Island starting from the 150 autochthonous grapes, spreading from the sea level to 800m altitude in the mountains, they are the joy and pride of all Sardinians that often produce their own wine at home. It’s estimated that around 63,800,000 Liters of wine produced and bottled yearly by authorized wine makers, and this number excludes the “vino della casa” often offered by restaurants.

Very famous are the Cannonau and Vermentino, producing more than half the volume of Sardinian’s delicious wines, not forgetting the Malvasia, Vernaccia, Monica, Cagnulari and so on, internationally recognized amongst the best wines in Italy and in the world.

Whine’s health benefits are well known from the ancient times, there seem to be even a link to longer life expectation, and today with the re-discovery of organic food many estimators are visiting the island to try real natural and 100% organic wines.

Wine testing tours are surely not to be missed in Sardinia and tourists are always welcome to the year-round wine festivals and “open cellars events” held in almost every town in Sardinia, where they’ll relish and enjoy some beautiful example of wines, accompanied by local cheese and other delicacies.

This is for sure a must-do thing, an excellent addition to the natural beauties, cultural events and history, that will make anyone’s visit to this stunning corner of Italy, surely unforgettable.

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