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“A chent’annos!” Secret of long life in Sardinia

May you live 100 years… easy thing in Sardinia!

All International TV channels, medical journals and newspapers at some point came to Sardinia to study and report about the unmatched longevity and health of the local population.

Have they found the long-life recipe?

Unveiling the secret of longevity in Sardinia has become the mission of many geneticists, biologists, dietologists and all sort of researchers: in fact, this is the place where, for some reason, most of the population achieves and surpasses the remarkable age of 100 years, in excellent health and without taking much (if any) medication while being astoundingly lucid!

Just to understand the proportion, if in an average country there are 6 centenaries out of 100 thousand, in Sardinia we have 22 (almost four time the world average) and constantly increasing in number. Even the distribution between men and women that elsewhere is 1:6, in Sardinia is 1:2, meaning that something is deeply different in our land.

What’s the reason of this?

Ask one centenary the secret of long life and the answer will always be the same: a life of work, a good glass of wine (who doesn’t like a good glass of Sardinian Cannonau wine?) genuine homemade food, a life in balance with the rhythms of nature and an active social life where family takes a primary role.

Of course, adding to the recipe that in Sardinia general contamination levels are really low and quality of air is far better than in other places, along with a 25%of DNA predisposition, the magic seems unveiled.

Is that it? Was it so simple?

Nobody still knows what’s behind this remarkable longevity, especially considering that these people passed through two world wars, pestilences, epidemies and external factors that today are unthinkable, and still many of them born in 1800 and lived well across 3 centuries, dying in this millennium.

So, by the time the International society will discover the key of longevity in Sardinia we invite you to come and experience this splendid corner of Paradise that we call home. Where we live longer, healthier and happy, for one hundred years!

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